Moving Boxes

Boxes of many sizes for packing and moving.  Most of these boxes are made of corrugated cardboard.

We ship to NY, NJ, CT, PA only.  Order any combination of 30 products and get a 5% discount.  Order any combination of  50 products and get a 10% discount.

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Small Box

A great box for books, CDs, toys and more.
(Dimensions 18"x12"x12")

Ex Tax: $1.99
Medium Box

Great for linens, small pillows, towels,etc.
(Dimensions 18"x18"x16")

Ex Tax: $2.99
Large Box

Great for linens, small pillows, towels,etc.
(Dimensions 24"x18"x18")

Ex Tax: $3.99
Banker Box/File Box

Stores files, personal documents or business records. Holds letter or legal size folders.
(Dimensions 15"x12"x10")

Ex Tax: $3.99
Legal Tote

An excellent way to store your files, folders, and personal documents. Holds up to one file drawer of legal folders.
(Dimensions 24"x16"x10")

Ex Tax: $2.99
Lamp Box

Move lamps and other tall, or similarly shaped, objects like golf clubs.
(Dimensions 12"x12"x42")

Ex Tax: $4.99
China Box

Dishes, glass, and fragile items.
(Dimensions 18"x18"x27")

Ex Tax: $5.99
Wardrobe Box

A versatile box: Use as a closet to hang your cloths in, or use as an extra tall box for bar stools or home appliances.
(Dimensions 24"x20"X34")

Ex Tax: $14.99
Electronics Box

Computer, DVD or CD player, VCR and more.
(Dimensions 20"x20".12")

Ex Tax: $9.99
Small TV Box

Holds 19" TV and small microwave ovens.
(Dimensions 28"x20"x22")

Ex Tax: $9.99
Large TV Box

27" TV's and microwaves.
(Dimensions 24"x24"x27")

Ex Tax: $14.99
Mirror/Picture Box

Mirrors, paintings, and large framed pictures.
(Dimensions 40"x60")

Ex Tax: $9.99
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