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The big moving day is just around the corner, and now its time to pack all of your belongings. Packing is by no means an easy task. It is often hard to estimate the sheer volume of items you have to pack. Read these useful tips and tricks of the trade to make the packing process easier.


Always pack in reverse order of density. Place heavier items toward the bottom of the box and lighter items toward the top or a separate box all together.

Always put the greatest amount of cushioning material on the top and bottom of each box. The cardboard walls are not a sufficient barrier.

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes. A larger box of regular strength is not designed to take an excessive amount of weight. Using a larger box makes it more difficult to both lift and stack. A heavy duty box can greatly eliminate the "crunching" effect that may occure when the boxes are lifted or stacked.

Try to designate a specific area for the packing process. Once you empty shelves, cabinets, closets and dressers you will not have sufficient space to maneuver and pack properly.

Always fill each box completely--even if you have to use and excessive amount of filler material. This will reduce the chance of damage during storage, stacking or moving.

Packing China and Fragile Items:

When packing dishes and plates, the dishes should be wrapped individually and placed vertically in a box. Follow this process the same way you would load a dishwasher rack. This method allows the weight and subsequent pressure of the dishes to be distributed evenly. Use wrapping paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam chips as a cushion between the items. Also, always remember to crunch pieces of wrapping paper or bubble wrap and place it at the bottom of the box. It is recommended that you use 17"X17" partition walls.

Packing Furniture and Exercise Equipment:

Remove parts, hardware and keys away from furniture and exercise equipment that you disassemble. Label and place them in zip lock bags or manila envelopes. Either take these items with you or put them in a specifically labeled box. The common practice of taping them to the same item or equipment increases the chance of loss.


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